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3 Effective Landing Page Headline Approaches

This article is inspired from a post from Conversion Rate Experts about increasing sales conversions.

The article includes a slideshow that goes over the high converting factors for a landing page. In this post I’m going to share how you can develop better headlines.

The Headline

As they put it, A headline that makes them want to read more.

But how do you do that? What does that mean to make them – the reader – want to read more? There are 3 ways to help you shape your headline message:

  1. Ask yourself Is the headline about me/my business or is it about the reader/buyer? This you can do after you’ve written it down and are looking it over to get a feel for it. Ideally, the headline should be about your reader and what they’ll get from your business or service.
  2. Start with the benefits first. This is an approach copywriter Lee Rowley uses. By starting with the benefits – 3 bullet points for example – it helps you focus on a statement that leads to them. It’s like working backwards.
  3. How aware of your solution is the reader? The state or stage of awareness is taught by Talia Wolf. Knowing how aware your reader is helps narrow your target audience which helps determine what you say to them.

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