Copy Constipation is Real

It happens. You’ve written the copy for your website or landing page, and doubt trickles in – either immediately or shortly after. Worse yet, you don’t feel doubt and think it all makes perfect sense.

Either way the results are the same – your efforts have brought you little to no leads or sales. Visitors aren’t feeling the value in your words.

What is Copy Constipation?

Constipated copy isn’t writer’s block. In fact, a main symptom is too much has been written. Another symptom is your words have left the reader confused. Your message offer isn’t communicated. The copy is unclear, unnecessary or both.

If you’ve written the copy for your website or landing page or sales page – and felt stuck, uncertain – that’s copy constipation. To your readers, this translates to confusion and distrust.

I help relieve your constipated copy – smoothing out sentences, clarifying your message, and getting those vowels moving. The result: a happy reader who understands how you can solve their problem.

Copy symptoms include:

  • long-winded sentences
  • unnecessary content
  • confusing message

Business Owner symptoms include:

  • frustration
  • feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • loss of leads and sales

Reader symptoms include:

Ryan Naylor