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Matching Instruction Text with Button Text

I recently signed up at IntelliZoom to give user experience feedback to participating businesses.

During the initial sign-up, I had to submit an on-boarding test which will be reviewed by their staff. The test went over examples of tasks I would be asked to do as a member and included speaking my thoughts out-loud.

In the screenshot below from the test example, the bottom instructional content reads:

Click I’m done when you found the price or click I’m stuck if you can’t find it.

IntelliZoom test example. Note the bottom instructions content does not match the options given.

The Problem

The problem is that the I’m Done and I’m Stuck texts are not there for me to click – as instructed.

Instead, they have buttons with text reading: Success and Abandon. As the user, my thoughts are I’m on the wrong page/they must be some place else or I’m Done = Success and I’m Stuck = Abandon – which is what I concluded.

The Solution

The solution is to make the action text in the instructions (click I’m Done/I’m Stuck) the same as the button text. With this simple fix, the users uncertainty would be eliminated.

This is a frequent area (updates/re-visions) where minor user experience issues creep in. But when they begin to compound is when user trust begins to diminish.

This is not a make or break problem. I wasn’t deterred from completing the task itself or from ultimately becoming an active user with IntelliZoom.

Welcome to IntelliZoom!

As I mentioned above, my sample on-boarding video was being reviewed by staff. I knew this because the chat-bot on the site informed me it was being reviewed when I logged in and I received the email below stating:

“Thanks for taking the practice study! We will review your participation asap and send you an email with the results. If your participation is approved you will start receiving invitations to Think Out Loud and Card Sort studies.”

This morning I received an email to participate in a new study. But, I didn’t receive any results as stated in the email. They simply sent me an invitation to do a study…which means I was approved…I guess?

I know these aren’t huge issues. It’s a free service (on my part) and I get a chance to earn a few dollars.

The Good

The things that they did well

  • keeping consistent with their style and colors.
  • content and design are spaced well, easy to read and understand.
  • the on-boarding process was really quick and easy.

So overall, no really major user experience issues.

We’ll see if I ever get to do and actual study – by the time I clicked the link, it was too late. I guess it’s fist come first serve?

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