User Experience

Make Sure You Tell Readers How to Take Action

Imagine you just read this post on LinkedIn from a business providing local SEO services:

They have no reviews, their listing is empty, and yet they’re still outanking you in local search 🤔. Do you have a competitor like this? Find out why and what you can do about it!

Okay, great. I’d love to learn why and what I could do about it.

But there wasn’t a link to an article. No call to action. No answers within the post or where I could get them. The post just ended with the statement telling me (the reader) to find the answer without telling me how?

The other thing is the typo (outanking) I didn’t notice until I pasted in this post. Actually, out-tanking may be on to something? Are competitors out-tanking you…leaving you buried pages deep in search results?

This is just a simple reminder that businesses need to keep in mind when offering a solution to your readers or followers – make sure to tell them where they can get it.