Creativity and improvement.

I like to do a bit of everything. But recently my time is spent between learning copywriting, interior painting, and working on the New York History Map.

The site for the map is still being worked on but you can like the Facebook page to stay up to date.

Interior Painting

Painting is something I’ve done for years. Below is a screenshot of my old business profile on I took a break from painting last October and during the beginning the Covid-19 outbreak, so I took down the profile page.

I recently started again. Below are some before and afters of recent work.

The first set of photos involved walls and some woodwork. (The homeowner did what he could, then their neighbor gave them my number.)

The second set of photos is from a previous client. The project involved walls, ceilings, woodwork…and a good amount of crack repairs.

Ryan Naylor

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Ryan Naylor